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3 Ways to Get Ahead During Covid-19

Tim Hunter
Posted by Tim Hunter on May 4, 2020 11:32:09 AM

As the coronavirus pandemic has stalled business for many people, companies are having to find ways to stay ahead and rework plans to align with the changing times. Instead of sitting back and focusing on the things we can’t control, use this time to get ahead of the game. Think about those tasks you’ve been putting off or the tedious work you haven’t had time for in the past. Now is the best time to spring clean your business by reevaluating and reworking your current state of being. Here are three ways to use this time to be ready to bring in those sales once the country fully opens back up. 


Update/clean out database/pipeline

Every now and then it is extremely beneficial to do a deep clean of your database. By thoroughly reviewing it, you are able to effectively clean up the excess. This process will help clear your list of all the data that doesn’t fit your market or is no longer of use. Purging this unnecessary information will also allow your company to see where there are holes in the database and what areas need tending to.  


Far too many companies are working with insufficient, outdated sales and marketing databases and typically it’s due to a lack of resources or time. However, having a bad database will cost a company even more money in failed marketing campaigns. Taking the extra time you have now to clean up your database, will ultimately save you time down the road. It will help prevent you from calling the wrong people and take you away from the valuable time you could be using to set up meetings and close deals. By putting in the work now to pre qualify your prospects, you’ll save yourself from wasted effort and frustration. Your preparation will lead you that much closer to qualified appointments and successful deals. 


As things have changed across the country, review your target and see if there is any new market you can break into. Areas you may have written off in the past, may now have people needing your service or product after this pandemic. Look back at your past clients too and see if any closed lost deals now re-qualify. Things have definitely shifted and while some doors may close, new ones are looking to be reopened. 


Keep creating thought leadership content 

Right now is a great time to get ahead on thought leadership content. By creating and releasing content on a consistent basis, you are showing your audience that they can rely on your company as a resource. With these ever changing times, that stability is what people will be looking for. By displaying yourself as a trusted resource, you will ultimately generate business for your company. Even if someone decides not to work with you right now, they will still gain valuable information from your expertise that could turn into a sale down the road. 


There are many different outlets you can prepare content for such as blog posts, social media posts and email marketing. Find the best strategy to hit your target market. By establishing yourself as a thought leader, you have an opportunity to position yourself as an industry expert. The easiest way to do this is by answering the questions to the problems that need solving. Your audience will always have questions they want answered, so you need to be the one to show up and take charge. 


Think about how people are going to be searching for things online. In your day to day life, if you have a question, more times than not you turn to the internet to find the answer. Discovering the questions and wording your audience would type into a search engine will help you to touch on topics people are actively interested in. Start by thinking about the problems your products and services solve and identify questions that may be asked in relation to those problems. 


Rework marketing/sales plans to realign with life after social distancing 

As the country begins talking about steps to reopening businesses, it’s important to realize that it won’t be “business as usual.” Over the past few weeks and months, the climate of most industries have changed. Not necessarily for better or worse, but just different. Due to this shift, companies should be thinking now about how to rework their marketing and sales plans to better align with demand or needs of others. 


Review your messaging and make changes to best reflect the changing needs of your clients and prospects. Remember to continue to be sensitive during this time and make your wording appropriate for current events. Now is also the time to reset and review your goals. Your expectations may need to change. Reexamine your plans and see if there are things you need to add, where you may be falling short. By reviewing your tactics you’ll be able to discover new approaches to possibly attract new targets and continue servicing your old ones. 

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