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    4 B2B Cold Calling Tips to Start Using Today

    cold calling sales By MPI Posted Aug 24, 2017 9:22:15 AM

    4 B2B Cold Calling Tips to Start Using Today

    Cold calling isn’t easy, but it’s a necessary evil to keep your sales pipeline healthy, by feeding it with new opportunities—which leads to more sales. This blog will share 4 cold calling tips to make calling as productive and successful as possible.


    1. Examine your list

    A quality prospect list is critical for effective cold calling. 75% of B2B providers have insufficient lists, such as bad data or old contacts. Is the size of your list large enough to support your calling activity goals? Is your data grossly outdated?

    If you’re not sure of the answer to these questions, take a week to call into various portions of the list, to test and verify accuracy. And if you discover you have a problem with your data, consider biting the bullet and buying a new list. Otherwise, you’ll spend valuable sales reps’ calling time manually building a list.

    Specifically define your target customer if you haven’t already, and keep in mind your list should match that target. You should also have data on who the decision makers are for each prospect. Quality is much more important than quantity here, as a large list of bad data or the wrong prospects won’t get you anywhere.


    2. Commit to consistency 

    Cold calling is a numbers game, and it’s important to dedicate the appropriate time. No matter how much salespeople may dislike tracking their calling activities and spending hours calling, it is a cold, hard fact that cold calling success depends on hitting the right numbers. For example, if you want to set 2 new appointments a week, you need to make between 100-200 dials. (See more examples of cold call numbers here.)

    The only way to make that many dials is to set aside dedicated time for calling. Managers must hold sales reps accountable for hitting those numbers. If a rep isn’t hitting their numbers (or getting the results they need), look first at the “actual” time that a salesperson spent calling. If the rep is dedicating the appropriate amount of time, you may have another problem such as the pitch they are using.


    3. Perfect your pitch

    Numbers are important, but the actual pitch you give (think in terms of the first 5 seconds) is just as critical. You must get to sharing value in the first two sentences; consider coming up with a “hook” to grab attention. Focus on how your product/service can help the prospect to get them intrigued.

    Salespeople should set aside time to work on their pitch, practicing, and perfecting it. If the rep is calling into the same contacts regularly, they should change up their pitch each time (including what you send in follow-up emails).


    4. Stay top of mind

    Of course, the goal of cold calling is to set an appointment then and there—but we know that doesn’t always happen. 30% of people sales reps call may have some interest, but aren’t ready to buy yet. That’s why it is critical to stay in touch with those prospects.

    An effective way to stay top of mind is regularly sending valuable, educational content. Providing beneficial content is the best way to nurture a respected business relationship—and move someone through the sales funnel.

    Hungry for more cold call tips for success? This free resource offers 10 cold calling best practices, developed by experienced B2B sales experts, to help any salesperson up their cold calling game.



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