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    Aligning Sales & Marketing

    sales marketing strategies By MPI Posted Nov 14, 2019 11:09:20 AM



    It’s easy for the different facets of a business to solely focus on their tasks rather than taking into consideration the work being done in other departments. Often times operations, marketing and sales live in conflict, when in reality having them all work together is what closes deals. As a company owner you can take control of the sales process by having a systematic way for your sales team to stay in touch with your prospects as they work through their decision making. 


    One of the most critical aspects to keeping yourself top of mind with your prospects is having a marketing strategy in place, but this element isn’t just important to the marketing department. If the sales department doesn’t have marketing collateral to send to their leads, then the pipeline will stop flowing properly. The key piece to this is making sure you have an easy workflow set in place. 


    The first way this can be achieved is by ensuring there is crafted material that promotes your company and brand. In this case, content is first established by the marketing team and then executed by sales. Having the realization that the two need each other in order to successfully generate revenue is what keeps the company moving forward. Knowing that operations will support a new customers ideals will allow your sales team to close more deals. 


    Next, in order for sales reps to succeed, they’ll need direction on how to utilize various marketing strategies and the frequency in their delivery. To do this, the marketing team must decide and create content they specifically want the sales team to send out and a cadence on which to distribute. Bridging the gap between marketing and sales will help reps understand what is at their disposal and what content the marketing team needs to create for them. This includes content offers with appropriate messaging and a system to have workflow action steps in place. 

    To ensure the success of this partnership, there must be regular scheduled meetings in place to track and assess the work being done. It’s often easy for sales and marketing to work in contrast of each other so having time set aside to align mindsets will make working together more manageable. The relationship between these two departments needs to be built on a positive foundation of give and take. The best strategy to keep everyone on the same page is to pick someone from each team to make sure both sides are working together collectively. This will allow everyone to feel like they are mutually benefiting from the work being done. At this point, it would also be useful to define roles and to determine why people are in those roles. This will help to keep both sides open minded to each side’s views on strategies and approaches. 


    Even though sales and marketing can have different avenues and approaches, their goal is still the same; to close deals. Sometimes an unhealthy relationship can develop between the two sides when in reality their partnership will lead to greater success. This continuous collaboration carries beyond content creation and distribution. The conversation needs to stay open to properly discuss how things are performing by looking at the numbers to see what’s working and what’s not. Once a healthy working relationship is established then the teams will appropriately be able to evaluate and brainstorm together. This will create a safe environment to provide suggestions and receive constructive feedback. Ultimately, the content being created is important, but the mindsets between the sales and marketing departments is what will yield the best results. 

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