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    Building Authentic Relationships

    sales marketing training By MPI Posted Jun 25, 2018 8:56:00 AM



    When it comes to building a steady stream of leads, the relationships we cultivate and maintain are the driving force of our success. The failure for some comes when they are solely looking for a sale rather than building a real relationship with their prospects and clients.

    As you work to maintain and fill your pipeline, you’ll constantly be working on ways to nurture your current contacts while finding ways to create new ones.The process needs to come from a genuine place backed by research to know who these people are, what drives them and what their hot buttons are.

    Here are three things to think about when you are working on building authentic relationships:

    1. Tailor your script to the individual

    bigstock--167518997The worst thing you can do when working to build a lasting relationship with a prospective client is to go in with a generic sales pitch. Before you even reach out, think about who these people are, what role they play and how to best connect with them. The way you talk to a sales rep isn’t going to be the same as talking to the CEO. Same goes for the way you talk to prospects in different industries. Someone in finance, won’t connect with the same message as someone in the fitness world.

    Show your prospects you care about their time and business by generating a message specific to them. One way of doing this would be by simply reaching out to them on a personal level before even getting into the sales pitch.

    Do your research and find a way to connect on a human level. For example, if you know they are from an area that recently was hit by a storm or their favorite sports team had a great game, start with a conversation about that. This personal interaction will show that you are interested in them as a person and not just for a sale. Be genuine but keep the conversation light and positive to build rapport.

    1. Nurturing the relationship

    bigstock-Business-write-about-digital-m-99170963When working on building a relationship with someone, your efforts can’t end at a single phone call or email. Your goal is to be an industry leader and not always trying to sell your product/service. That’s why you need to create the perfect cadence, a recipe of various marketing methods and follow through to stay relevant.

    If you sent out a direct mail piece, follow up with an email or phone call. People are going to respond differently to your marketing strategies, so you’ll have to constantly be monitoring what’s working and what’s not. The client or prospect will feel important and are more likely to read the marketing piece that was distributed.

    You want to build a relationship that shows you are a trusted resource instead of just trying to get them to buy, buy, buy. Find ways to show your prospects how valuable you are. Staying consistent and finding the best line of communication will get you in the door to start forming a genuine connection.

    1. Stay in contact with past prospects/clients

    bigstock-Linking-entities-Networking--231969229Even if your pitch doesn’t result in a sale, your efforts aren’t a total waste. During that time, you should have demonstrated your level of worth and displayed your educational value in a way that will leave a lasting impression.

    It’s important to come up with a strategy that keeps you in contact with past prospects and clients. This will keep you top of mind if an opportunity to work together arises in the future since you already have a relationship established. You could also become a referral, which may bring you more leads if they find your services/products valuable for their connections. People move companies and often remember strong contacts along the way.That’s why it’s also imperative to make sure you don’t end on a bad note. Keep the line of communication open by reaching out on a consistent basis.

    The networking possibilities of everyone you reach out to should always be kept in mind. Find ways to nurture these relationships in a way that starts to feel more like a friendship. Then every prospect will start to feel more like a personal referral rather than a cold stranger.

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