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    5 Ways to Finish the Year Off on the Right Foot... and Plan For Next Year

    sales marketing training By MPI Posted Nov 27, 2018 7:33:00 AM



    It is hard to believe 2018 is almost over. This year has flown by! Your business may be exceeding it goals, you could be right on track, or falling short of expectations. To make sure you are in one of the first two categories, implement some, or all, of these tips to finish the year off strong and start next year off on the right foot, improve your company mentality or get on the right track.

    1. Set Goals

    Set goals for the rest of the year and start thinking about goals you want to create for the next year. Setting professional and personal goals at work is healthy for independent and organizational growth. Establishing goals holds you accountable for something and increases motivation to achieve them. Start with creating a goal for your overall business and one personal work goal. If you establish one, see how many other goals you want to meet. Once each team member creates their goals, share them with the team or have a meeting to talk about them. Sharing where you want to be and what you want to accomplish will help others keep you on track to succeed.

    2. Create Killer Collateral

    bigstock-Success-And-Team-Work-Concept--187786270There is no better way to finish the year off stronger than creating materials that reflect your strengths. Design whitepapers, write blogs and create social media posts to showcase what your business is doing. Use content to become a valuable resource for prospects, clients and employees. Marketing materials can say a lot about your company and image. They can be used as great drip marketing pieces, training materials or promotional items. Focus efforts on creating strong content that encompasses strong visuals and educational copy to build trust.

    3. Motivate Your Team

    Throughout these next six months, focus on motivating your team. When they do a good job, compliment them and recognize their efforts. Appreciating and recognizing their hard work will motivate them to work even harder or your behalf. Incentives are another great motivator in the workplace. Host a company pizza party if your team meets sales goals or award employees with extra paid time off if they finish all of their projects. Setting incentives will help push team members to meet their goals. When employees are motivated, they tend to produce their best work.

    4. Create Best Practices

    Having processes set in place will help guide your company to success. When something is working smoothly, take time to document the process it took to make that project work. Write down the steps, the purpose and the time period needed to get to the end result. Keeping track of the process will help your team remember the efforts that go into it and allow for exact duplication the next time.

    5. Sharpen Existing Skills

    bigstock-Creative-business-people-looki-170768078When things are running smoothly, that doesn’t mean they’re perfect. Usually, everything has room for improvement. Employees should continuously develop at your organization. Sharpen existing skills that your team has. Host a CRM training, give a refresher course on LinkedIn or incorporate more sales training. Ask your team members for suggested training topics and create workshops tailored to their suggestions. Training to the wants and needs of your team will help them polish skills in the areas they identify that they need work in.

    The year may be almost over, but that means there is still time to focus on your efforts and finish the year strong and apply these to 2019. Use these tips or establish other strategies tailored to your company to help make the next six months your best yet.


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