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    Hold Your Sales Team Accountable

    sales marketing "lead generation By MPI Posted Sep 18, 2018 9:54:23 AM

    bigstock-Business-Corporate-Meeting-Of--237604777Generally when companies don’t have a system or marketing strategy in place, their pipeline will fail to keep flowing. By holding your sales team accountable and establishing a plan, you are effectively able to build a consistent process. This can be done by: expressing your expectations, conducting pipeline reviews and controlling marketing material and cadence.

    The reality is, not all sales presentations are going to end in a deal, but that doesn’t mean the work ends there. First, you need to figure out why there is a stall in the sales process. Is your prospect not interested right now? Maybe they need more convincing? Or was it a flat out no? By deciphering the feedback given, you are able to creatively plan your next steps.


    Challenge your sales team to think differently. If they are willing to put in extra work, the sales will follow. To make themselves and your services stand out  from your competition, they’ll need to find creative ways leverage their material. This entails tailoring marketing materials and sales strategies to your prospects, so your sales reps stay top of mind. Maybe they know when a lead’s contract is about to end. The sales rep could start to send out content offers that highlight the benefits of working with their company or purchasing their service before that company chooses to renew with their current provider or another business.Then when that company is ready to buy, they’ll be more interested in working with your team  because they have heard from them before and aren’t just a cold lead. Instead they took the time to nurture that lead, keeping their name front and center.

    Another helpful tool is a customer relationship management tool or CRM. Ensure that your system is filled with current data. Stay organized by logging activity dates and keeping  contact information up to date. When working multiple deals and prospects simultaneously, your CRM is a crucial component to keep you on track. As a sales manager, you can look up a specific contact or company record and know where your rep left off. By utilizing the notes section, your rep has the ability to communicate their process,conversations and data to point out the key takeaways to look back on for future interactions.

    bigstock-Lead-Generation-Lead-Generati-158846624After arming your sales team with the appropriate materials, hold them accountable through consistent reviews. This can be a weekly sales meeting to see how they are working their leads and nurturing those prospects who may need more time. Have your sales team record their presentations and phone calls, so they can review what went right and wrong. This approach yields better results than just going off of memory. It’s important to conduct consistent reviews of our pipeline to check that everything is running smoothly and there aren’t any gaps in your data.

    Meetings between the sales manager and their reps are important for training and development, but it’s also beneficial for the sales team to have collaborative meetings with each other. By doing so, they can discuss various roadblocks they encounter and approaches that work best for them. Sharing thoughts, past experiences and best practices can save other reps time going forward by bypassing the path that didn’t work and streamlining processes that do. Offering different perspectives can also bring new life into a pipeline by inspiring other sales reps to step outside of their normal workflow.

    When it comes to maintaining your pipeline successfully, it’s imperative to build a consistent process to hold your sales team accountable. Leverage various marketing materials and creative approaches to help your reps reach out past the stalls in the sales process to move those ‘no’ or not right now responses to the next step. Hold weekly reviews to aid in continual pipeline flow and to understand challenges your team is facing and where you can assist. This will allow you to see how they are excelling and figure out what needs to be tweaked. To learn more about how to bring new energy into your pipeline, click below to download this eBook.DOWNLOAD NOW

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