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    Sales Content VS Thought Leadership

    sales marketing By MPI Posted Mar 8, 2018 2:36:43 PM


    With so many businesses, advertisements and marketing materials out there, it is harder than ever to make your company stand out. It may seem obvious, but creating and elevating marketing materials to your specific target market will position you as a differentiator. There are many ways to leverage content, but the most important thing about content, is deciding whether the materials you’re creating are sales content or thought-leadership.

    Sales Content

    Sales driven content aims for a target to buy a specific product or service from your business. This is an advertisement that is essentially a sales pitch, highlighting what your product does, how it can help and why prospects should invest their time and money into your brand. The majority of sales driven content is shorter and to the point. Many times, customers remain loyal to companies they trust when it comes to purchasing products or services. When writing a sales-heavy piece, position your brand as the master of that product or service. Bring your expertise to current customers, prospects and strangers. Tell them the ins and outs of your product or service. This marketing strategy should focus on helping your target audience understand the benefits of your products and services as they currently exist. It is important to have sales content on-deck, especially if prospects request information or want to learn about your business. However, sales-heavy marketing should not be your sole marketing strategy. Sell and product sheets, case studies, sales scripts, competitor comparisons and sales presentations are examples of content that should be sales heavy copy. Sales content is often utilized for your internal team and can also be external facing. Prospects often want to know specific questions about your business before signing on the dotted line. Some questions may include: Who is the product for? What does it do? How can it help my business? What is the cost? Having materials readily available that encompass this information are great tools for your sales team. The most important thing to remember about sales content is, create content that is relevant and helpful during each stage of the sales cycle.


    Thought-leadership is a term quickly catching on in the marketing world. Thought-leadership pieces are created and distributed to attract customers and prospects, focusing heavy on engagement and information instead of sales heavy copy. Thought-leadership topics include subjects your audience values or wants to know more about. Reading this content, your audience should learn something and know exactly the message you are trying to convey. Have a powerful message and design. Know who you are creating content for. Knowing your audience will help tailor your content and position your company as a valuable resource. Blogs, ebooks, whitepapers, social media posts and infographics are content types you can create and leverage to attract readers. No matter which platform, your content will always be better received if the topic is educational and newsworthy. It is crucial to show readers you really understand the topics you are writing about, the issues behind it and how they relate to your industry. With thought-leadership, it is important to show what you’re doing, not just tell readers. Demonstrate your skills and expertise. If you’re an expert in drip marketing, don’t simply state how much you know. Tackle the issues others face and provide solutions. Offer valuable information and steer clear of heavy self-promotion. Thought-leadership marketing targets to build rapport and gives you an opportunity to be someone who readers trust. Creating thought-leadership pieces usually focuses on long-term engagement. Create content on a consistent basis so your audience looks to you as their resource and comes back to read your next content offer. Being a trusted resource and providing value can ultimately generate business for your company.

    Having a mixture of sales heavy content and thought-leadership pieces will position your business as well-rounded. There is a place in your company and industry for both types of content. What matters is how you use them and your strategy behind them.

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