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    Should I Outsource Lead Generation?

    cold calling sales By MPI Posted Jan 22, 2018 6:00:00 AM


    Generating consistent, fresh leads is critical for any sales organization, yet is one of the toughest parts of the sales process. While many companies execute lead generation effectively internally, others run into challenges, making it smarter to outsource lead generation. This blog explores the challenges of internal lead generation, as well as when it makes most sense to outsource lead generation to an experienced vendor.


    Challenges with internal lead generation

    There are many options for sales organizations who want to handle lead generation internally: utilizing existing staff, building an inside sales team, and purchasing lists are the most common. Many companies have success using one or more of these tactics, while others struggle to effectively execute them.

    Utilizing existing staff is an option, but typically isn’t the best choice because salespeople are generally not experienced in generating fresh leads. Sales reps usually have more experience in other aspects of selling—plus many reps dislike lead generation—so they execute poorly or don’t prioritize it at all. For these reasons, it’s smart for companies to use their sales reps’ time on activities like selling to active opportunities and closing deals.

    Creating an inside sales team is another viable option, but doing so successfully from scratch is extremely costly and time-consuming. Recruiting qualified reps takes time and money. Training is also expensive, but a critical component for the success of a new inside sales reps. Turnover tends to be high in this role, increasing recruiting and training costs. It’s also important to remember normal costs associated with full-time employees, including benefits and management.

    Finally, purchasing lists is a strategy many sales organizations use, but it is costly and risky. There is no guarantee that leads will be relevant or high-quality. Plus, purchasing a lead list still requires hours of manpower to verify and qualify each lead, adding to the cost.


    Should I outsource lead generation?

    Although there are challenges with generating leads internally, we always recommend that if you can do it effectively internally, then you should. In order to generate consistent leads effectively, you should plan to commit to a minimum of 7.5 hours per week.

    However, you may want to outsource lead generation if:

    • You can’t commit the recommended time each week
    • You don’t have an existing lead generation program or sufficient resources to get one started
    • You are currently attempting internal lead generation, but not getting consistent or quality results


    Lead generation is a critical task for many sales organizations and outsourcing it makes the sense for many companies. To learn more about the benefits of outsourcing lead generation, take a look at this free ebook.


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