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    Success at a trade show

    sales marketing trade show By MPI Posted Feb 12, 2019 11:22:31 AM


    Trade shows are a great way for you to meet with prospects and get your company recognized. After putting in the prep work before the conference, it’s time to put your plan into action. It’s imperative for you to find a way to stand out because studies show, “75% of the people who go to trade shows know exactly what they want to see, whom they want to see and how much time they will spend on the exhibition hall floor.” Giving attendees an interactive experience and having an engaging team at your booth will help increase your chances for greatest success during the show.

    82% of trade show attendees are directly involved with their teams’ purchasing decision. (Statista) That statistic alone shows how impactful your presence at trade shows can be. It’s one of the best ways to get in front of some of your target market decision makers. Trade shows give you the ability to talk face-to-face with prospects in a cost effective way. The cost of a face-to-face meeting with a prospect at a trade show is $142 versus the $259 for a meeting at a prospect’s office. (CEIR) These added conversations turn into more leads and sales than other marketing strategies. Below are three key elements to implement when looking for a success at a trade show.

    Create an Interactive Experience:
    The reality is, you will really only have a few seconds to catch an attendee’s eye. You must find a way to stand out by giving them something to remember you by. This can be done with contests, giveaways, promotions or other creative strategies. Using innovative ideas at your booth will help start the lead nurturing process. It allows prospects to leave with a product or material in hand to remember your company by. Include contact information on those promotional pieces, so they can easily make outreach in the future. Prospects and clients should leave a trade show knowing who you are, what you do and visualize faces with your company name.

    In a room filled with hundreds of other booths, you want to create value at yours to show visiting it is worth an attendees time. Provide an interactive experience by having a captivating booth setup with presentations and demonstrations of your product or service. Having videos and visuals always enhances the attendee experience and gives them something to remember you by. Using material that elevates your brand through compelling content and appealing visuals will be a major advantage.

    A great way to attract people to your booth is by hosting a game or creatively thinking of  a way to visually demonstrate your product or service. Think of a game that has an element of fun to attract attention. Don’t just put up a random raffle or bingo. Create a game that is a visual representation of your product or service and entice people with tempting prizes they can win. This is also a good opportunity to collect information. In order to participate, you could have attendees sign-up. Then, when you leave the show, you’ll have a list built up to use after the event. Read more on how to increase your booth traffic with pre-trade show tactics.


    Have an Engaging Team:
    While in the planning stages for the trade show, make sure you pick your most enthusiastic employees to staff the booth. Picking the right team to represent your company is the most crucial part to have success at any trade show. Remember, if you don’t connect with prospects, you won’t build relationships or garner sales. The goal of your attendance at the show is to generate leads and to create brand recognition. Having an engaging team who is ready and willing to assist attendees will help you achieve success. Remember, first impressions are everything, so make it a priority to not only have an appealing booth to lure prospects, but also a team standing behind it who will leave a lasting impression.

    Prepare your team ahead of time with content mentioned in our previous blog about pre-show strategy. This will provide them with talking points about every aspect of your company’s product or service. Having a knowledgeable team standing at your booth will draw traffic. Encourage your staff to engage in as many conversations as possible. Set them up for success by educating them on the ins and outs of the company, so they can confidently answer any question.

    Use Social Media:
    While at trade shows, you should not only be focusing on those in attendance, but also finding ways to connect with those who aren’t physically there. Utilizing social media is a great tool to virtually expand your audience through live updates. You could tweet updates or stream a live video via Facebook or Instagram. As the world of social media expands, so does your options to connect. Often times, trade shows even have mobile apps that you can post on to further connect with attendees. Find the outlet that works best for you and stay active on it throughout the show.

    Trade shows are one of the most profitable B2B marketing strategy in the country, generating more than 13.2 billion dollars in revenue in 2017. (Statista) Use them to your advantage by clearly promoting your brand. Make sure attendees are leaving the show knowing exactly who your company is and how you can help them.

    Be on the lookout for our post-trade show must-do's in this series that will cover follow-up strategies.

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