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    How to add thought leadership to your marketing campaign

    sales marketing strategies content creation By MPI Posted Mar 7, 2019 10:45:44 AM


    Positioning your company  as a thought leader allows you to form trustworthy and authentic relationships with your client or prospect. When you showcase your knowledge and expertise in a subject, it creates credibility. This allows you to stay top of mind because even if someone isn’t going to work with you right now, they still gain information from you that can turn into a sale down the road. You want to be known as an industry leader and educational source everyone turns to.  

    According to a recent study conducted by LinkedIn and Edelman, out of more than 1,300 businesses surveyed, 63% felt thought leadership is one of the best ways to collect knowledge.

    Thought leadership showcases your industry knowledge. In our Google happy society, it is critical to be the source of answers to the questions people are asking. The best way to do this is by incorporating thought leadership into your marketing campaigns. Think of frequently asked questions and find creative ways to share the answers. Some ways to incorporate thought leadership into your marketing campaigns are: creating well-written blog posts, publishing content such as ebooks or whitepapers, speaking at conferences and events, or using social media such as LinkedIn Answers to share your knowledge.


    This process of nurturing your leads and clients shouldn’t be done with an in-your-face approach. It also shouldn’t be all about advertising, but instead be educational in nature. By sending marketing material on a regular basis that is centered around being a thought leader and pertinent to your industry, you’ll build trust with ease. An example of this is exactly what we are doing with this blog which is a follow-up to our whitepaper. Also use social media to further share your work and expand your audience. Continuing to build on your work and having marketing collateral to send out, will keep your pipeline flowing properly. The key ingredient is to ensure you have a manageable workflow set in place.  


    By adding thought leadership content into your marketing campaigns, you position yourself top-of-mind for future prospects while creating lasting relationships with your clients. They will be more likely to work with you because you took the time to nurture a relationship based on sharing your knowledge and not just pushing product. This in turn will get people to answer your call when you reach back out to your leads months later.


    Thought leadership means helping address and solve problems. The more topics you discuss and put out there, the more likely people will look at you as an industry resource for information. The goal of this is to show off why you are valuable. All of the thought leadership topics you address become reasons why prospects should work with you.   

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