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    Troubleshooting Your Way to Success

    sales marketing training By MPI Posted Jun 13, 2018 11:32:13 AM



    Sometimes even after we put in the hours to build our pipeline and create an effective marketing plan, we still find ourselves at a standstill wondering why the sales aren’t pouring in.  The thing is, the people and places we think we should be marketing to really aren’t the correct target. It’s those out-of-the-box thinking moments that lead us to where we need to be to find those qualified leads.

    Like many aspects of our lives, generating sales takes trial and error. A great example of this comes from MPI’s CEO Andrew Schwartz who explains how a client’s initial direction wasn’t leading to results.

    “Our client wanted us to market to banks and credit unions targeting groups that had an ATM network of 50 or more. We did that for them for about three months with limited results. The client then wrote and posted an article in a group called the ATM Network and had 80 leads come through. The only reason we were marketing to banks and credit unions is because he was dictating where he wanted us to go fish. The reality is we should have been smart enough, especially when it wasn’t working, to say where do these people reside.”

    bigstock-business-people-strategy-pl-87516020When you are trying to find a certain target audience, you need to creatively think about where those people reside, find information and what marketing tools they use. Like our example story, sometimes you are reaching out to a group that doesn’t have a need for your services. The banks and credit unions we were reaching out to might not have had the volume of ATMs or even cared about them at all. That’s why venturing out to find a new group or forum that may be better suited proves to be effective in landing sales.

    Sometimes it can be difficult to troubleshoot because there are so many different variables.  It isn’t always that you are reaching out to the wrong group. It can also be that you are sending out the wrong message or using an ineffective delivery method. There’s no one shoe fits all scenario here. A phone call that worked for one group, may need to be done in an email for another. A script you write for a certain set of people, may need to be written differently for another. That’s why it’s important to mix up the ingredients of your approach.

    The best way to do so is by recording your results and then cross-examining what is being generated. This will allow you to adjust accordingly so you can see what is and isn’t working. It may take some time to find the best combination of message, delivery and frequency, but once you find it you can maximize your results. This will help your future campaigns run more effectively as you master the art of troubleshooting.

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