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    What are Drip Model Marketing Communications and Why Should Your Sales and Marketing Team Engage with this Technique?

    sales By MPI Posted Jun 20, 2019 8:25:00 AM


    Understanding drip model marketing communications

    Drip marketing is a strategy that uses multiple outreaches to convert prospects through a lead nurturing workflow. It involves sending new and relevant marketing information repeatedly to prospects over a long period of time in order to build trust and eventually drive potential sales. Drip model marketing communications can be disseminated through many channels, including email, direct mail, social media, and outbound calling. Utilizing a multi-channel approach has proven to generate the best campaign results.

    Drip marketing requires many set-up steps and a lot of content creation up front. However, once content is created and the initial strategy is in place, drip model marketing communications can be automated, keeping prospects engaged with regular messages while your sales team focuses on closing deals. Software platforms today enable some automation for email, social media, direct mail and outbound calling campaigns.When deciding on the channels to utilize, it is key to know which platforms your target audience is tuned into. If you know email marketing and outbound calling are the two best ways to reach your prospects, make sure to incorporate those into your strategies multiple times. In addition, many organizations use sophisticated rules-based workflows or 1-1 sales sequences to tailor drip marketing campaigns to each prospect’s behaviors and preferences.

    There are countless ways to use drip model marketing communications, but two common scenarios are lead nurturing as a whole and lost opportunities.

    • Drip marketing is perfect for nurturing leads to build trust over time, identifying the most qualified leads and increasing chances of closing sales.
    • It’s important to stay in touch with lost opportunities, as they may want to purchase your product or service  in the future. Drip marketing allows you to stay in front of these lost opportunities with little to no extra work by planning and automating regular communications for a longer period of time (usually once a month, over the course of a year, minimum).

    When establishing cadences, it is important to find a cadence that makes sense for the group you are targeting. You don’t want to push too many outreaches at a group that overwhelms or annoys them, but you also don’t want to not have enough outreaches where a prospect or lost opportunity forgets you exist. It is critical to stay top-of-mind, in a positive way.

    Why use drip model marketing communications?


    Drip marketing has many benefits for sales and marketing teams. In fact, 80% of sales are made between the 5th-12th contact, so drip marketing helps your company establish itself as a trusted resource. Only 2% of sales are made on the first contact, so planning a drip campaign increases the likelihood of building relationships with prospects to ultimately help close sales. Effective drip marketing, particularly when used across multiple channels, helps your brand stand out from the barrage of marketing messages a prospect is exposed to.

    Because drip marketing can be automated, it’s a great strategy to keep prospects engaged while focusing on other activities. Your sales reps can stay in touch with prospects without manually sending messages. Similarly, your organization can turn lost opportunities into future sales. In either scenario, drip marketing is a great relationship building mechanism, since you are communicating regularly to prospects on various channels.

    In addition to the obvious sales benefits, the marketing team benefits from drip marketing in multiple ways. First, it allows marketing to nurture and qualify leads, then move them through the sales cycle using rules-based workflows. Plus, it’s a great strategy to increase the visibility of your marketing team, while building a stronger presence on multiple marketing channels.

    Drip model marketing communications can be extremely effective to stay in touch with prospects who aren’t ready to invest in your product or service, while building trust over time. To learn more about drip marketing, including how to effectively implement it, check out this ebook.

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