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How to Make a Human Connection in Sales

Posted by MPI on Apr 10, 2019 12:11:12 PM


Taking the time to discover your company’s ideal customers through buyer personas, not only saves time and money, but also allows you to connect with prospects on a more personal level. In order to effectively plan out your sales and marketing strategies, it’s best to know your target audience first. There are many factors that come into play when working to close a deal, but clearly defining your buyer personas will guide you towards success.

71% of companies who exceed revenue and lead goals have documented personas. (Boardview)

The goal is to establish a human-to-human connection throughout the entire sales process. This level of nurturing should show your prospects and clients that you aren’t just looking for a sale, but instead care about who they are and what they need. By identifying your buyer personas and implementing that data throughout the sales process, you’ll not only land more deals, but also create lasting relationships with your clients.


Research and Understanding
In order to create an authentic relationship in sales, one must have a fundamental understanding of what we as humans crave: safety, belonging and mattering.

Safety is a sense of emotional or physical security, based off needs, desires, risks and challenges one may face internally or throughout business. It’s creating an environment where one can take risks.    

Belonging is a feeling one has when they’re a member or part of an association, community, group or organization. Ex: Marketing Team, ICBA, LinkedIn Groups  

Mattering is a message that stresses importance and significance of what you’re doing, how you feel and how others feel about you.


“In every communication, in every conflict, we are subconsciously either reinforcing or begging for safety, belonging, mattering or a combination.” - Christine Comaford


By implementing these three emotional aspects into your marketing plan, you are able to create an authentic relationship with your prospects. Dig deep into your persona research to discover how these elements affect the various titles of your target audience. At our core, we all want the emotional security of safety, belonging and mattering, but every title is going to have one that is more essential than the other.

For instance, a CFO is going to need more nurturing in the safety category because they are focused on financing. They want to know they’re getting a result for the money they are spending whereas a marketing director is going to be focused on mattering because they want to know what they’re doing adds value.

Use this understanding of safety, belonging and mattering throughout the research process of your buyer personas. The more you are able to uncover about your prospects needs and desires, the better you’ll be able to communicate with them. Just as in everyday life, in order to get someone to trust you, you must influence them emotionally. You must show your prospects you care about them and understand their needs. When you bundle these three emotions together, you are going to provide an invaluable level of trust to your prospects and clients.


Creating Personalized Content 

Once you have a solid grasp on your buyer personas, you’ll want to start thinking of ways you can incorporate these emotional elements into your marketing campaign. By understanding your prospects at their deepest level, you’ll know how you should communicate with them and what messages they’re most interested in hearing. Through the research you conducted, you’ll be able to tailor your message to address objections and focus on the things that make them tick. Understanding your target will help determine lingo and terminology, so prospects can better relate to your message.

Buyers are 48% more likely to consider a company that personalizes their marketing to address their specific business issues. (ITSMA)

Noone wants to be sold a generic sales pitch. Instead, customize your marketing content to fit the needs of who you are talking to. At MPI, sales reps make on average 155 dials a day, yet the goal is to make every contact feel like they are the only person being sold to. They want to walk away knowing their relationship matters and that it’s not just another number in a sales book. By properly planning out your message, you’ll be able to connect with your prospects in a way that shows them you understand their pain points and the things they care most about.    


Putting Plan to Action
When strategizing the best ways to reach out to your prospects, it’s important to remember a fundamental piece to your sales strategy: there is a human on the other end. Now, that may seem like an odd thing to point out, yet so many sales people fail to remember it. They are so focused on setting appointments and closing deals that they forget there is a person on the other end with needs and desires. Again, prospects and clients want to feel a sense of safety, belonging and mattering.  

By knowing the ins and out of the personas, you’ll not only know the proper way to speak to your prospects, but it will also help keep your conversation on track. Far too often, sales reps focus on things that aren’t appealing to the person on the other end, simply because they failed to prepare ahead of time. Having a script or message in place will help you hit their triggers. It will also allow you to show them how you can add efficiencies or how you can help them produce better results.

Creating this human-to-human connection should come from a genuine place. Remember, our world is saturated with many options for buyers. If they don’t like a product/service or the person selling it, they can simply say ‘no’ and move on to the next option. By putting in the time and effort to connect on a meaningful level, you’ll gain their trust and ultimately their sale.

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