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Make Human Connections

Posted by MPI on Mar 10, 2020 9:00:00 PM



As our technologically advanced world continues to turn more companies towards AI, automation and other digital marketing strategies, it’s important for us to not forget the human-to-human touch component. This loss of a human connection is easy to do when you are looking to save time and manpower, but we need to remember these changes are not meant to be substitutions. Instead, they should be looked at as enhancements to the marketing and sales processes. 


According to a survey done by HubSpot Research, only 3% of people think salespeople are trustworthy. (HubSpot) The advantage to knowing this not-so-stellar statistic, is it gives you the opportunity to fix it. 


Start by focusing on your sales process. While you are planning it out, always be thinking about how you can add a human-to-human connection throughout every step. A continuous level of nurturing will show your prospects and clients that you care about who they are and what they need. Rather than just looking for a sale, you should approach every conversation from a genuine place. By identifying your buyer personas and implementing that data throughout the sales process, you’ll not only land more deals, but also create lasting relationships with your clients. 


Buyers are 48% more likely to consider a company that personalizes their marketing to address their specific business issues. (ITSMA)


With everyone becoming more attached to their technological devices, companies need to brainstorm new ways to reconnect with their prospects and clients. Remember, our world is saturated with many options for buyers. If they don’t like a product/service or the person selling it, they can simply say ‘no’ and move on to the next option. Take the time to do your research ahead of time and pre-qualify your clients to some extent. Think of ways you can voluntarily offer up information and advice to work on building a trusting relationship. 


According to a Gong analysis of over 500,000 discovery calls, there was a clear relationship between how many questions a rep asked and their chances of success. (HubSpot) In order for a prospect to want to work with your company, they have to feel like you have an interest in who they are. By putting in the time and effort to connect on a meaningful level, you’ll gain their trust and ultimately their sale.  


A great way to do this is by finding ways to interact with prospects in person. Trade shows and other sales/marketing events give you the opportunity to network with people face-to-face. More than 80% of trade show attendees are directly involved in their teams’ purchasing decisions, making it a great place to get in front of some of your target market decision makers. (Statista) These events can also help you connect with other key players in your industry, gain feedback, and market your company to a large audience. 


When strategizing the best ways to reach out to your prospects, it’s important to remember a fundamental piece to your sales strategy: there is a human on the other end. Now, that may seem like an odd thing to point out, yet so many sales people fail to remember it. They are so focused on setting appointments and earning a commission check, that they forget there is a person on the other end with needs and desires. Prepare a customized and personalized message to show the person on the receiving end that you are serious about their business and how you can help them. 


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