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New Year, New Message

Posted by MPI on Jan 8, 2020 5:20:19 PM

Often times, companies forget about the prep work and fine details that really matter when working to reach their sales goals. They lose out on deals simply by not taking the time or money to make sure they are targeting the right people and delivering the best message. As we start this new year, it’s a great time to look at your professional actions and ask yourself, “Are we doing all we can to ensure the best results?”


Once you’ve narrowed down your ideal customer and their buyer personas, it’s imperative to put in the time to create a meaningful message for your prospects. This isn’t a one and done measure. Instead, you’ll need to create different scripts tailored to the various personas you are trying to reach. As an example, if you are trying to speak with the CEO, your script will be different than if you are reaching out to an IT director. There are many different titles within a company and not everyone’s needs are going to be the same. Even people in the same company will have varying viewpoints or hot buttons so tailoring the scripts to reflect these differences will be critical in having the upper hand on your sales calls. Research must be done ahead of time to find an appropriate hook for each of them. 


When delivering a pitch to your prospects, it’s generally not going to end with a simple, “yes.” Many times people will come up with objections as to why they aren’t interested. Maybe it’s out of their budget or they had a bad experience outsourcing with a different company. That’s why in addition to your script, you must also have a general list of ways to overcome them. This could be done by pivoting the conversation or finding a way to dissolve the objection. Sales reps should actively review this list so it contains the most current objections so they’ll be able to respond accordingly. 


Sometimes when working to get ahold of your intended prospect, you’ll encounter roadblocks along the way. For instance, instead of getting connected with your lead directly, you’ll run into a gatekeeper: usually an associate or assistant to the decision maker. When it comes to getting past the gatekeeper, make sure you know who you are asking for and present yourself in a way that sounds like you’ve been there before. Do your research on this person as well. A quick internet search on either the company’s website or social media profiles will provide you with a couple key notes to help break the ice and connect on a personal level.


Another area to prep for is a voicemail message in the event the call fails to be answered. This message should be brief, yet packed with vital information about who you are, your intended purpose and how they can get in touch with you.  Here’s an example:


Hi, this is Andrew with MPI, Hope your day is going well! We help companies to set up qualified appointments with decision makers who have an interest in meeting with your sales team. Assuming that keeping the sales pipeline full is a top priority, I was hoping to find some time over the next couple weeks to share more. I’m going to send you an email, but if it would be easier to coordinate a time over the phone, you can reach me directly at, 262-387-4713. I appreciate you getting back to me and look forward to connecting – Thanks!


When reviewing your messaging tactics, it’s essential to look at all areas your company is delivery information. It’s not just focused on scripts and their targets, but your online presence as well. You’ll need to evaluate the tone of your messaging to keep your content within a unified style. A company’s website is one of their most important resources. Make sure the information on it is accurate and up-to-date. The messaging on your site should be a good representation of your company. Other areas to assess are social media pages, email messaging and blogs. The voice of your company should be consistent and present in all of those areas. 

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