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A Time to Unite: A Special COVID 19 Message

Posted by MPI on Mar 23, 2020 8:19:46 AM



As the spread of the coronavirus leads to uncertain times across the world, all of us here at MPI would like to extend a helping hand to anyone that may need it. We understand this is a sensitive time for everyone. We are all feeling the ramifications of the changes happening in our country and understand the uncertainty that it brings. This is a time for us to come together and show our support in any way we can. 


As a company, don’t let the fear of current events prevent you from taking charge of what you can control. No one could have predicted the cancellations and uneasiness that’s affecting businesses across the globe, but we can work together to restructure our plans to navigate a new path to success. This is not a time to go dark on people, but instead a moment to really show our clients, prospects and business allies that we care about them. There does need to be a shift though. Your message needs to change as does your approach in delivery, but doing nothing is not the answer. Continue to send out educational content, reassuring people that there is a community of leaders available to aid in this change in business. 


Approach these next coming weeks, maybe even months, with compassion and understanding. We are all going through big shifts. We are all feeling it. Show your customers you care by checking in on them. This is a delicate time for people, so be sensitive to the content you are sending out. This is not a time to be overly pushy or looking to capitalize on a sale. Let’s all unite in the fact that things have changed. By reevaluating our plans going forward, we can build a level of trust and confidence within the industry. 


We need to remember that we are all being hit by the Covid-19 pandemic differently. While there is a level of relatability, some industries and companies will be hit harder than others. We must take the time to actively listen to better understand how some are being impacted and what they may need. This greater understanding will teach you how to be a supportive resource during this time of change. 


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