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Thought Leadership for CEOs

Posted by MPI on Jan 21, 2020 12:54:58 PM


As a CEO your thoughts and advice are constantly being shared with your employees. The mistake businesses often make is limiting their most knowledgeable resource from not only playing a vital role in their company, but also positioning themselves as a thought leader within the industry as a whole. While companies are always working to find creative ways to spread their name and build their pipeline, they often overlook their most effective tool; their voice. 


For those unfamiliar with the term, a thought leader is someone who’s views on a subject are looked at as authoritative and influential. Chances are, you already are a self-proclaimed expert in your field. If you’ve been dealing with a certain product or service for years, you’ve probably gained a wealth of knowledge along the way. Use the educational tools you have to form genuine relationships with your audience, prospects and even your current clients. 


In our heavily digital world, the content available at our fingertips is endless. The internet may already seem saturated in your area of expertise, but there is always room for a new voice. Becoming a thought leader means sharing your thoughts, experiences and expertise with those who see it as a tremendous value. You need to paint a picture of how the industry is being viewed to make it relatable for those you are trying to educate. Take charge of the conversation and lead the way by answering the most sought after questions. The reality is, if you aren’t the one leading the educational conversation in your industry, then your competition is. 


As the highest-ranking person in the company, you can lead by example. You’re able to show your employees that the sales process is more than simply selling your product or service. It’s about making yourself a resource by displaying a level of education and knowledge within your industry. Establishing yourself as a thought leader will help your business to build reputable relationships with your prospects and clients. This can be done several different ways such as blogging, publishing eBooks, engaging on social media or speaking at conferences/events.


Thought leadership content is created to attract customers and prospects, while also enhancing current relationships. It focuses on engagement and education instead of sales heavy copy. The topics to focus on are subjects your audience would find valuable and points that invoke curiosity. When deciding on the content to create, think about the personas you are creating the content for. Understanding your audience will help tailor your content and position your company as a valuable resource they can depend on for information. 


Adding thought leadership content into your marketing campaigns will help position yourself top-of-mind for future prospects while creating lasting relationships with your clients. People will be more likely to work with you because you took the time to nurture a relationship based on sharing your knowledge and not just pushing a product. This in turn will get prospects to answer your call when your company reaches back out to them months later. Also, the more people you talk to, the more valuable feedback you will gain. Notes gathered during conversations can be a powerful tool. Arming yourself with as much knowledge as possible allows you to tailor sales tactics to help further the success of your company.


By creating this brand awareness you are attracting what will eventually become revenue for your company. The trust you are building with your prospects and existing customers will create long lasting working relationships. Dishing out consistent, compelling content will set your company up to be a leading voice within your industry. While some people may just read the material without buying, they are still recognizing your brand as a source for credible information. This means when they are in the market for your product or services, they’ll be more likely to turn to you or furthermore, recommend you to people they know.

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