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How to Work Your Prospect list

Posted by MPI on May 15, 2019 12:17:07 PM


The connections you make and the relationships you build with your prospects and clients are the most crucial concepts of growing your business. Yet many times companies find themselves at a standstill with over 60% of marketers reporting their top challenge is generating traffic and leads. (HubSpot) Without continually expanding your pipeline and working your prospect list, you are missing out on qualified opportunities.


Once you have figured out who you are going to target, it’s time to put a plan in action. In order to properly work your list, you’ll need to invest the time and money to execute a well-planned out sales and marketing strategy. There are many directions you can go from here, so it’s best to determine how your organization is suited to communicate to these prospects and what formats are available to you.


You’ll want to work your database by continuously reaching out with valuable communications. This can be done by actively calling on the list to set appointments and executing marketing campaigns to generate qualified leads. Then go the extra mile by nurturing these opportunities with education content. If you manage the right mix of activities against the list, your list will continue to organically grow and thrive.


Creative thinking will drive your success in generating leads. As you work on developing your marketing strategy, creatively think about the individuals you are targeting then tailor the script and marketing material to those different titles. For example, the material you create for a sales rep wouldn’t be the same for a pitch to the CEO. According to Jay Baer at Convince & Convert, 65 percent of businesses say they would likely switch brands if a company didn’t make an effort to personalize their communications.


When it comes to creating a strategy and implementing your plan, it’s critical to not hone in on just one method of outreach. People may relate better with different marketing mediums allowing your message to absorb deeper. A successful strategy will combine both inbound and outbound marketing. A multi-tactic approach will generate brand awareness and will aid in consistent nurturing.


Some of the top marketing strategies are associations, conferences, cold calling, direct mail, email marketing, content marketing and social media. As you plan out your strategy, you must think about how a culmination of marketing efforts will deliver the best results. When you plan your marketing strategy, you’ll start by thinking about your monthly, quarterly and yearly approach. Your plan should contain multiple touches, which is more expensive than a single touch, but the result delivers greater success. You will determine the content and frequency for each while thinking about how each part works with the rest.


For example, if you send out a direct mail piece, then you would follow up with cold calls and emails to connect with prospects to further discuss what you sent out. Though these marketing tactics are separate parts, layered together they work as a whole. Also as you create your plan, think about your calendar. If you have events or conferences coming up, it’s important to keep these top of mind and implement pre, during and post strategies to leverage your presence. By using multiple marketing strategies you will also be covering all your bases. You are increasing your chances of getting in front of someone because prospects will respond to various tactics in different ways.


As you work through your prospect list, remember to continue updating it with new information you gather. For example, you may reach out to someone and find out they aren’t the decision maker so instead, they give you the proper information of who to reach out to. You might also realize the best times to call or which medium is best to contact them by. All of those details should be included in the notes you take along the way and then added to your database. The more you work your list and collect additional material on your prospects, the better your chances are to set qualified appointments.  

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